Bhagavan is all Auspicious
Lord Hari is all Auspicious (English)
Hari Katha (Oriya) Manapur, Ganjam Odisha India 24th May 2018
Lord Jagannath is Savior of all fallen souls (English)
Duty of a True Indian at Indian Cultural Center Brussel 14 January 2018
"Spiritual Truth is Impartial"
Two Great Souls - Hari Katha
Lord Shiva is a great devotee of Lord Krishna
Glorification of Gurudeva, Srila Gaura Govinda Goswami Maharaj on 10-09-2018 Evening
Disappearance day of Srila Bharati Maharaj- Lecture on 05-09-2017 Evening
Glories of Srimati Radharani. Sri Radhastami Lecture in English on 06-09-2019, morning
A Lecture in English on the day of Sri Krishna Janmastami ,On 03-09-2018 Evening
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