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Swami Bhakti Vedanta Muni Maharaj has extraordinary fine-tuned unique vocals, profound spiritual mood and unprecedented music talent. Without any formal musical education, he produced many sublime albums which are well-recognized by professional musicians and general public.

Throughout his service for Lord Krsna he recorded many devotional albums you can find on YouTube, Souncloud and iTunes. All lectures are being live broadcasted in Hindi and English and easily accessible for anyone.

All twelve tracks from this album are the songs Srila Gurudeva Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaj used to listen from him, the other Kirtaniyas and devotees. Some devotees comment this album as “heart wrenching”. 

In Vrndavan Krishna performed the amorous pastimes with the residents of Vraja. The songs describe the ecstatic moods the devotees of Krishna relish in chanting, remembering, glorifying the form, the name, the quality, the activities of Lord Krishna.

It is an album of Sanskriet prayers to invoke mercy of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna.

“Sri Yugala” refers to Divine Couple, Sri Sri Radha and Krishna; “Madhuri” means sweetness. The album unfolds the conjugal love between Sri Radha and Sri Krishna. They are one and non-different.

This beautiful album has included auspicious songs sung in the morning arati.Mangala means auspiciousness. By performing Sri Mangala Arati to Sri Sri Guru-Gauranga, Sri Sri Radha and Krishna, gentle mood will certainly be awaken in you.

Sri Gita Govinda is a poetic presentation of confidential amorous play between Lord Krishna and His beloved Cowherd maids in Gokul, in particular Sri Radha, the topmost among all heroines.  The Poetry is inspired in the heart of Sri Jayadev Goswami by Sri Radha Madhava. The album is full of ecstatic sentiments. Swami Bhakti Vedanta Muni Maharaj has been able to sing it by profound mercy of Sri Guru varga.

The names of Radharani are so nectarean that even Krishna chants the names of Radharani. The album is glorification of supreme Goddess Radharani, who is the embodiment of mahabhav, indisputably the complete pleasure potency of Krishna.

A beautiful collection of Moning Kirtans during the month of Kartik.

Harinama Sudha is an album of the chanting of Hare Krishna Mahamantra. This sacred chant is the doorway to obtain the utmost spiritual bliss. Swami Bhakti Vedanta Muni Maharaj has injected a wealth of spiritual sentiments through his mellifluous voice.

These songs are beautiful reciprocations of Vraja residents with their beloved Krishna, who is the darling son of Nanda Maharaj and Yashoda, who is the beloved of Gopi’s. Just like Krishna is absolutely alluring for their mind and hearts, the narration of the pastimes of Krishna is enchanting for all living beings.

In 2002 on the bank of ocean in Jagannath Puri, Swami Bhakti Vedanta Muni Maharaj absorbed himself in singing Bengali Gaudiya kirtanas of our Vaisnava Acarya’s. The divine mellow sound flowed his heart. This is how “Bhaktivinoda” is manifested.

Bhajanamrta is a sublime collection of nine selected tracks of Gaudiya bhajans. It is the first album Swami ji has ever brought out in his own voice. Before that he was composer of some bhajans in the albums of the other kirtaniyas in Iskcon.

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